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9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Dave, Ive just came across your blog regarding you setting up an infiniband network at home, something that im struggling with myself at the moment. I was hoping and praying you could, or would help me.

    I have bought 2x Mellanox MHGA28-XTC Dual Port CX4 PCI Card but for the life of me i cannot get the drivers to talk to the card(well be accepted)

    The PC’s are both running windows, my machine is running 10 and the server is running windows server. The PC’s both see the cards in the Device manager as an Infiniband adapter.

    I have installed the Mellanox tools and when i enter MST Status is just states that there are no devices there, even though the device manager does show it.

    If you could please help me move forward to getting these cards installed I would appreciate it.

    1. Graham,
      I don’t think the drivers work any more with the MHEA128-XTC cards. I’m currently using Connect-X2 cards, as I couldnt get my old cards working with more recent OSs (windows 10 for example)

  2. Hello David, I just read all your article about the realization of the OpenLapse system that I find particularly attractive. To advance on the project I immediately ordered PCBs at oshpark.com.

    I search the Android software without success in your publications!

    Thanks for your help

    Laurans of France

  3. Hi Dave, just read with interest your journey with the “New TV Distribution System” and I’d like to know how it’s going now over a year later. I attempted the same thing using a TVHeadend, RPi with LibreElec as a server and multiple USB DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 tuners, then multiple Kodi clients.

    Found the whole thing a little flaky – I had to restart the RPi and the DVB-S tuners too much too often, I couldn’t depend on it and the rest of my family wouldn’t use it. That Telestar Digibit R1 looks like it would be a more stable alternative for the satellite tuners.

    TVHeadend was a pain too, I left everything running 24/7 and it eventually got corrupted, doesn’t seem to have a feature to export the database so had to be re installed from scratch, I gave up on it all in the end.

    Interested to know how things have gone for you – I might consider giving it another go if I can be sure it’s worth putting the effort in.

    1. One year later, it’s rock solid. I’m using an Up Squared for the tvheadend side of things. It also serves other media from an external 2TB hard drive, and the Kodi front ends are all working off that. Saorview and free sat channels all on the same epg, I have recordings, playback, and live-tv-pause and playback all working. I’ve no intention of ever going back to Sky, and the family are happy with it.
      The only glitch I have is that I need to re-scan when I lose channels, e.g. I think CNN changed transponders a few months ago, so I had to delete and re-scan, it’s not automatic.
      There was ton’s of work in getting it to that stage though, it’s not an easy system to set up.

  4. Hi Dave
    Your article on Level Sensor for Tank is very interesting ! Very good job !
    I’ve not seen other articles on the web on this topic/technic.
    And I think the usage of an ultrasonic sensor is the best way to estimate the level of a tank.

    1. You have written this article more than 2 years ago : is your solution works well until now ? ;o)
    2. Can you explain which Tasmota configuration (module parameters) we have to implement after the selection of WeMos D1 mini Module ?
    I want to use push the data in my MQTT on OpenHAB domotic software. Did you needed some transformation/converssions of your data ?
    3. I need a 10m sensor, is this article good from your advices ? https://aliexpress.com/item/4000105169384.html
    Thanks a lot for your help.

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