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$5 WiFi enabled Smoke/Gas Detector

 Following on from my last post about my DIY Intruder Alarm, I thought I’d post about another wee device I’ve hooked up to it, a Smoke/Combustible Gas/Carbon Monoxide detector that’s WiFi capable, for about $5.  Continue reading »

DIY Intruder Alarm System

 Over the past few months, I’ve been building a DIY Intruder Alarm, so here’s a brief overview of it’s layout and functionality. It’s based on a Raspberry Pi, but there’s nothing to say that it couldn’t be based on any single board computer with an adequate number of GPIO inputs, Up-board, Minnowboard, Beaglebone, etc.

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Laser-cut face-plate for Heating System

As I’ve learned while doing home automation, it’s important for the finished project to look good, especially if it’s in a location that can be seen. 🙂

So when I was building the home-heating controller (as described here),  I decided to finish it off with a laser-cut face-plate.

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Add 3 USB ports and an Ethernet Port to Intel Edison / Raspberry Pi Zero for $3.20


I’ve been a user of many Single Board Computers for a while now, and I always like to have the option of plenty of USB ports and and Ethernet port. I recently came across these devices, which combine 3 full-sized USB ports AND an ethernet port in the one device, terminate by a micro USB connector.

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Loop Head Peninsula Time Lapse


This is a brief article about some behind-the-scenes stuff while I was making my latest time-lapse video, “Loop Head Peninsula”.  There’s pictures of the time lapse rig in action, as well as a few words on the techniques I used, what I learned, etc.





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Website Downtime

Sincerest Apologies for the downtime over the last week. My hosting provider was doing migration of a bunch of websites from one server to another, and in this process they were upgrading MYSQL, Apache, plus a whole host of other stuff it seems. Now while they did a staggered migration of the websites, it all went wrong once a significant number of websites were on the new host. Access times went through the roof, sometimes taking over 2 minutes to load a single page. Continue reading »

“The Burren” time lapse video locations

Since the release of my new video “The Burren”, I’ve had a few queries as to where the locations are that I used in it. Well, here they are. The names are those used on the Ordinance Survey Ireland maps, which I’ve loaded on my phone using the ViewRanger app.

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Images on

Just a quick post to mention where you can get at all my latest photos. They’re on I post up there far more regularly than I do on this website. Pop along and leave some comments!  😉


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