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The Shuttersnitch Proxy

What the heck is “The Shuttersnith Proxy?” I hear you ask! Well, Shuttersnitch is an excellent application for the iPad that allows you to view images as they are sent to it from a Wifi enabled camera. It listens for incoming images, then displays them on the iPad, allowing you to zoom in, tag & rate the images as they are received. This is ideal in a wireless environment where your camera can send images wirelessly to the iPad, such as the Canon 5D Mark II when used the an WFT-E4 wireless grip. Continue reading »

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MBNA Limerick International Music Festival

2011 MBNA Limerick International Music Festival promotional poster. The Irish Chamber Orchestra does very important work in prompting music to kids in marginalised communities, so I was happy to donate the use of this image as my way of supporting this. Continue reading »

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