MBNA Limerick International Music Festival

2011 MBNA Limerick International Music Festival promotional poster. The Irish Chamber Orchestra does very important work in prompting music to kids in marginalised communities, so I was happy to donate the use of this image as my way of supporting this.


It’s safe to say that I was blown away with the result! 🙂  It’s as if they designed it around the image, rather than just drop in a the image into it in a minor location. My image takes up about half of the layout! And there is a credit under the bottom right of the image, with my website, which is nice! Pretty soon there’ll be over 20,000 of these distributed far and wide…

2 thoughts on “MBNA Limerick International Music Festival”

  1. That looks fantastic Dave. It’s nice to see how well they have incorporated it into the design and used complimentary colours too. Well done!

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