Raspberry Pi Zero with Pi Camera as USB Webcam

In my previous article, I described how to set up a Raspberry Pi High Quality camera as an IP camera, and use IP Camera Adapter to plug this into your favourite video conference software. Now, go one better, with just a singe USB cable and zero networking!

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Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera setup for low-latency Video Conferencing

The wonderful people at Raspberry Pi were good enough to send me their latest piece of hardware, the Raspberry Pi High Resolution Camera, plus a couple of lenses. As well as taking a few landscape shots and just generally playing about with it, the first real project was to set it up as a High Quality webcam for video conference meetings. Mainly because of the high quality sensor was bound to give better pictures than the small sensor webcams I have lying about, but also because there seems to be a shortage of decent WebCams available with all that’s going on in the world at the moment.

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Mail-Pi – Raspberry Pi Post Box SMS Notifier

Ever since I put a mailbox out on my front gate, I have to check it manually to see if the postman has delivered any mail. That involves getting out of my car on the way in or out, or (ugh) walking all the way out to the post box! So, I’ve now installed a Raspberry Pi by the post box to send a text whenever something is put in the post box!

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AlarmPi – Raspberry Pi Security Alarm Pt.2

Over a year ago I did an article about a DIY alarm system I’d build based on Raspberry Pi’s. I’ve recently done an update, and this time I’ve cleaned up the code and released it onto GitHub. It’s based on Node-Red and Python.

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New TV Distribution System (No More Sky)


I decided a few months ago to cut the cord and get rid of my Sky TV subscription. Between a combination of purchasing and returning a Saorview Connect box, and trying out various front ends, here’s the end-result, and I’m delighted with it. Continue reading “New TV Distribution System (No More Sky)”