Before and After – Pink

Another in the before-after series. This shot was taken for a challenge competition, where the theme was “Pink”.

The ribbons were purchased for the shot, and the dress was easy enough to colour convert. We couldn’t find pink bubblegum, so cola flavoured had to do. The model was composited onto a shot I’d done previously for Valentines Day, which was a CD cover with water droplets placed on it with a syringe, and a printed sheet with hearts on it about 6 inches underneath to allow focus through the droplets. I changed the colours of the dress and bubblegum to match the pink theme, then slightly enhanced colour, contrast, exposure, freckles, scratches on CD cover, etc. etc. It was well worth it, I think, this shot has done very well for me in the salons! 🙂

(Click on image for larger version)

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