Evening Drive to the Clare Coast

Well, the evenings are getting longer, and sun is setting around 6:25 these days. With this in mind, I had a quick drive up to the Clare coast to see what kind of time I’d have on the coast to grab a few shots before going home for my dinner. I left work at 5:25, and by 6:15 I was parking at the beach near Quilty. The sun was just about to go down behind a bank of clouds, but I managed to grab this shot before it disappeared completely.

Lurga Point, Quilty, Co. Clare

Shortly thereafter, the sun was no longer visible, but I was quite happy to have got at least one keeper. I stayed on for another 40 minutes or so, and took various shots in the area, but alas, nothing of note really. Still, the days are only getting longer, and each evening will give me a few more minutes before sunset, allowing me more time to stroll around looking for a decent composition.

Here’s looking forward to longer evenings!

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