USB 3.0 is the Future

From reading this blog, you might get the idea that I’m obsessed with disk speeds as of late (on the cheap, I might add). Well, you’re not wrong there. And to add to my obsession, I got my hands on a USB 3.0 PCIExpress card and a SATA-USB 3.0 atapter today. After installing the drivers for the card, I then attached a SATA hard drive to the adapter, and plugged it into the PC. Up it came no problem, so the first thing I did was to run ATTO Disk benchmark tool against the drive. Here are the results:

Sustained 80-85MB/sec read/write. It sure beats the hell out of USB2.0, at about 25-30MB/sec.  I don’t have a decent drive available to test it faster, but theoreticaly USB3.0 is good to >400MB/sec.

Next purchase will probably be a USB3.0 Compact Flash reader, but they’re very thin on the ground. Oh, and some good and fast Compact Flash cards to go along with it. 🙂


I got a new motherboard, which has USB 3.0 built in, and this week Aldi were doing a special on USB 3.0 1TB drives for €79.99. I got one, and the following is the ATTO benchmark results:

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